Greetings From New Jersey

Sunrise in the garden state.

Zach Humphreys pulls in while a spectator stays warm in layers.

Sunday bike ride or getting completely shacked? This bike's owner made the right call.

Ocean City's Chris Kelly made the right call and treked north to pull into this freight train.

Chris Kelly again. Unlike the rest of NJ, Chris did his best to hide from the sun.

One of the many that went unridden.

Jersey welcoming all.

The majority of NJ residences are oblivious to what goes on in the Atlantic during the winter. Examples A and B.

Jamie Moran taking the high line

Matt Keenan salutes the lineup.

Keenan again chasing his shadow.

Just over the dune

Rob Kelly's back side getting admired

Rob again prepairing to dip under the curtain.