Happy Ending: Wish List

Bree Kleintop. Photo: Jimmicane Bree Kleintop. Photo: Jimmicane

The holiday season is the the time to give, but it is also the time to receive. For children, it is the time to craft a list of things they’d like to get. Toys, toys, toys and never J.C. Penney sweaters. For fully-grown children, it is the time to wish. J.C. Penney sweaters continue to suck and toys lose their allure, but wishes expand and explode into other realms. Realms that can not be purchased or owned. We wish for dreamy, blue-water barrels somewhere far away from the sappy tree in Mom’s living room. And we wish for perfect company to be joining us there. Because, more than anything, the holidays are about companionship. And even old St. Nick loves a good butt.