Happy Hawaiian Holidays

Dean Morrison cashes in while Florida's golden child, Evan Geiselman pays his dues.

There's certain things you can count on every season in Hawaii. Daniel Jones ripping Rocky Point is one of those things.

Considering there's a similar wave back home in Puerto Rico, it's no surprise this is Alejandro Moreda's home away from home.

A beautiful perspective of Kamalei Alexander brought to you by Jeff Flindt.

Look at those eyes! The newest member of the Irons family.

Decisions, decisions... Umm... I'll go right! Nathan Fletcher

It's not all about Oahu. Dege O'Connell leans into one back home on Maui.

It might be an indicator you're too deep if you see Shane Dorian shoulder hopping you. I'm just sayin'...

Before that massive Eddie swell hit, there was sand built up all across the reef at Pipe. It wasn't good Pipe by any means, but there were still a couple warbley little suckers to have fun on. Zander Morton.

You won't see many people log more time in the water at Off The Wall than Seabass.

Sometimes you might forget how great Kelly Slater is out at Backdoor/Pipe. Then he paddles out and you remember quickly.

Mark Healy setting himself up for a heaver.

Yes Gabe Kling got questionably snubbed from a WCT Injury Wildcard, but yes, the ankle seems to be fine and functioning again. Gabe will make it back.

It's not a party until these guys show up. Donovan and Occy.

Evan Geiselman pops a pretty one at Log Cabins.

It was tough seeing Parko get pitched with the lip as he lost the World Title to Mick, but it made us at least feel better seeing him get that Triple Crown check.

Another one of those things you can just go ahead and count on seeing every year. Reef McIntosh snagging bombs at Pipe.

One of Blake Jones' best friends is Dusty Payne. By the looks of this punt, they've been spending some quality time together.

If someone could just hit pause and place you or I right here, I think we could make it! Mark Matthews in and out.

Can't wait to see this guy's movie. Julian Wilson.

Happy Holidays Hawaiian Style Lightbox 122909

Taj Burrow. Now a Pipe Master and could easily be Off The Wall Maste, if there was such a thing.

Sunny Garcia and Reef McIntosh, kitchen talkin'.

Light at the end of the tunnel for Stephen Koehne.

It's obvious that Wade Goodall has become one of the most freakish freesurfers in the world.

Unknown surfer sends you a postcard from Maui.

Kieren Perrow and Backdoor. A match made in Heaven.

North Carolina's Brett Barley has built up a reputation for being a complete lunatic out at Pipe. The kid just sits deeper than everyone and takes waves no one wants any part of like this one.

Balaram Stack throwing one up for the cameras at Rocky Lefts.

Merry Christmas from the Oakley House.

Merry Christmas from the Matix House

Tom Carroll pre-broken fibula shares one at the Bay with Shane Dorian.