Hawaiian Appetizers

Must have lost his board

Anastasia Ashley looks good in grey.

Same as it ever was. Archy, built for speed.

The man, the myth, the Bruce.

Fatherhood and life away from the tour may have taken Bruce out of the spotlight, but not out of the barrel.

Cheeseburger deserves your respect, and possibly a better nickname.

Adam Crawford, of the young North Shore underground, which includes John Michael Turner, Cheeseburger, JD Irons, Chas Chidester, and a select few others.

Evan Valiere lives for this time of year - and the season's only just begun.

Evening Pipe is a thing to behold. Daniel Russo is in bed with the place like no other.

Prettyboy Danny Fuller is not a prettyboy. But his surfing sure is pretty, boy.

Hawaii on fire.

There's a reason the same names keep coming up every winter. Mark Healey, simply among the best.

If someone were breaking into Jamie O'Brien's house right now, he could see them from here.

Jamie again, no hands and no filter

Shot by Daniel Russo with a D3s Nikkor 50 1:1.2mm Lens ISO 5000 shutter 1.3 f 4 at 2:00 am. Jamie has been up late working with his Editor touching up the final sections for his new movie. This was during a 2:00 am surf check in the back yard.

Jason Federico

Welcome to the North Shore, from gatekeeper Kamalei Alexander.

Kawai Lindo practices his act for the North Shore circus. Here with his head in a lion's jaws...

...and here, preparing to be shot from a cannon

Don't call him Uncle Kahea, bumbai get false crack medivac. Kahea Hart.

Bam Bam go bam. Kekoa Bacalso in black and white at Haleiwa. For those who've forgotten, Bam beat Kelly here at age 16.

The distinguished gentleman and the sea. Mark Cunningham, boardless wonder.

From Kammies with care. Freddy P checks the early season waves.

PM Pipe

Under-over. Daniel Russo with the best seat in the house...again.

For Reef McIntosh, winter just means a shorter commute...as in, right out front. Reef, with no need to travel.

You can feel the suck from here. Reef again, over shallow...um...coral.

Another from the shadows drops into center stage. Stephen Koehne, time to shine.

You can't pull off the pink and blue. Jamie Sterling can, though. Sterlz can pull off anything.

See? Sterling again, pulling off the impossible with impeccable ease.

Japan's Takayuki Wakita is about as close to local as you can get without a Kahuku Hospital birth certificate.

Let's close with a wipeout, just to remind us that surfing Pipe is slightly harder than juggling bicycles.

Danny Fuller and Tori Praver celebrate Halloween 2009

Daniel Russo has been enjoying being home in Hawaii shooting inhis backyard.

Kalani Chapman

Dayton Likness editing a small wave chop hop surf flick called WHO is JOB.