Hurley Pro Day Two

Parko gets his ankle worked on

Bob and Rob.

Taylor Knox is a happy character after his near loss to Drew Courtney.

Aritz Aranburu watching the action.

Freddy P and David Nuuhiwa.

Jordy Smith, not a happy character following his loss.

Gally coaches up Nathaniel Curran.

Luke Steadman with his first heat win of the year at the expense of Bobby Martinez.

Not the ideal conditions for Lowers. Timmy Reyes ponders his next heat.

CJ Hobgood bros out with Lewis Samuels hoping for a better Power Ranking.

Nic Muscroft looked good out there. He knows how to take apart rippable rights and disposed of Tom Whitaker in Round 2.

Tom Whitaker with a nice turn. Unfortunately for him, he fell on his next attempt, botching his chance of making the heat.

How creepy are those online interviews? They just station you out in this spot and have you talk to yourself. Kai Otton tells the web what he's up to.

A technically perfect turn from Lowers regular, Taylor Knox.

Drew Courtney gave Taylor Knox all he wanted in this heat, but lost by .10.

Steve Sherman tells Parko how the Chargers are going to smash the Raiders tonight, while Parko tells Sherm what it's like being number 1 in the world.

"Child please! Like Tiago really has a shot at this!" Might be what Jordy Smith was thinking here.

But Tiago Pires caught about five of these lefts and landed himself a huge upset on Jordy.

This guy was getting the shot!

Your guide to surfing Trestles.

Rob Machado and his enormous amount of hair.

Rob looking light.

Ace Buchan signs one for the kids.