Hurley Pro Final Day

Rob Machado looking hungry.

Tom Whitaker and Jarrad Howse tell Bede Durbidge how they'd do it out there.

Kelly Slater and his surfboard. Two very sought after things throughout the Hurley Pro.

Internet hate mail.

Kekoa Bacalso and Kelly prior to their round 4 matchup.

Imagine coming up against this in a heat. Heitor Alves prepares for his quarterfinal with Kelly Slater.

Michel Bourez and his girlfriend pash out post-heat.

The iconic Taylor Steele in town for publicity for The Drifter and Modern Collective, both Poor Specimen Prodcutions out soon.

Talking shit in the shitter with Lewis Samuels.

Courtney applying Vitamin C we suppose.

Kolohe Andino shined in the all-locals heat, even with Chris Ward getting all What's Really Going Wrong doing board transfers.

Mick drinks plenty of water pre-heat...

...while Dane likes his coffee. Getting an IV before the final from dehydration.

Dane tosses one into the dumpster.

$105,000 richer and loving it. Mick Fanning.

Australia gets another one.

Adriano De Souza in Round 4.

See, winning heats isn't so bad. Dane bringing the fun back.

Heitor Alves proved he's the real deal, yet again with an impressive run to the quarters.

Surfing's modern savior.

Kelly Slater and another alternative shape and construction. He switched boards often throughout the event.

Kelly Slater

Mick trots down to start the final.

Mick Fanning en-route to winning $105,000.

Fanning in form and read to chase the injured Parko now.

Mick on the turn of the final.

To the tune of an 8.9.

Dane Reynolds alone.

Mick Fanning, summoning Eugene.

Australians are getting really good at this contest stuff.

This month's 7 Days subject: Adriano De Souza.

Josh Kerr getting modern.

Taylor Knox could have filmed a new segment of Arc throughout the event. He's always sharp at Lowers.

Rob Machado took down Taj and Parko, but fell short to Dane Reynolds in his wildcard run.

A lot of little crafts are about to sprout up in a lineup near you thanks to how fun dane made them look this week.

You still probably won't see many people doing these yet though.

The mob for Kelly post-heat.