A Hurricane Bertha Road Trip

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All Photos: Patrick Ruddy

I hate the word magical. It either sounds stupid (rabbits and hats) or cliche (first kiss!). But I’ll temporary lift my sanction on the word and say -- without a tinge of sarcasm - that there is something magical about the East Coast this time of year. The ocean is so warm. The air is so crisp. The women are so almost-naked and easy to talk to. And to top it all off, there are hurricane swells.

Hurricane Bertha recently massaged the Eastern Seaboard with her goddess-like hands of swell. Cory Lopez, grom Robbie McCormick, Peter Mendia and photographer Patrick Ruddy drove from Florida to North Carolina to meet up with Balaram Stack, Benny Bourgeois and of course, Bertha. The first day was onshore with a pesky current, but offered a worthy barrel to those with the heart to paddle, paddle, paddle. The next morning was offshore and dreamy as Bertha’s swell dyed slowly but peacefully. And after indulging in that, the crew jumped right back in the car, right back on the I-95 and drove right back home -- stopping, of course, at Chick-fil-A. From the looks of the photos, it was a great road trip. Some may even call it magical. --Brendan Buckley