Inside The World Title House

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Photos: Corey Wilson

Sure, Kelly's still technically in it.
But he's coming off an injury and lost his No. 1 spot at Surfer Poll and anyway, he's not staying at this house. The Rip Curl house. Just west of Off The Wall and where the two world title frontrunners, Gabriel Medina and Mick Fanning, rest their heads at night. Can you imagine? Them sharing living quarters approaching the most important contest of their lives? Sharing the kitchen. Bathrooms. Like, when they get done practicing at Pipe, who gets dibs on the outdoor shower?

Well, SURFING photographer Corey Wilson snuck his charming self inside those tense walls and embedded himself with the likely 2014 world champ. Corey's an easy presence to have around, and considers both Mick and Gabby to be friends. So when he watches the Sunset comp and eats dinner with them, he's respectful of the fragile place they're at in their careers. But when he senses the time is right, when Mick and Gabby relax into their daily routines, he brings out his camera and fires off a few rounds. What we have here is a snapshot of life inside surfing's most heated house.