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SURFING Magazine's fourth annual International Surfing Day had to be lived to be believed. If you decided to stay holed up in your apartment playing Halo 4 or refused to leave your accounting job early, there's no way you can understand just what ISD 08 achieved: beach cleanups at more than 100 locations worldwide, political activism and some incredible waves in a few key regions, including the birthplace of ISD, Southern California.

All the numbers and results are still trickling in, so we can't provide you with a complete beach-cleanup status report, event play-by-play or swell synopsis until tomorrow. But for now, just know that International Surfing Day is quickly becoming the world's new holiday of choice. We first got word that things were going well from Down Under, when SURFING's global editor Nick Carroll informed us that the North Coast of New South Wales was four feet and pristine clean. Apparently the northwest coast wasn't great, but the desert dwellers staged a beach cleanup anyway and prepared for the next bomb swell (it's been non-stop in that region for the past month). After that, our boys in Bali and beyond let us know that the swell was solid and there'd be plenty of fodder for ISD 08, including Nate Lawrence's field trip to Dreamland with local Bol and D. Hump's adventure to one of the best lefts in Indo (which happened to be firing) with Robbie Machado, Shane Dorian and the Turner brothers.

As the light shed on the northern hemisphere, we saw plenty of activity, even when the ocean didn't cooperate. In France, Surf Europe photographer hooked up with stellar freesurfer Tim Boal and focused more on the filth than the froth. "The beaches are so f—ked here now," said Laurel. "Guys are coming in with bleeding sinuses because of the pollution and we're sick of it." In Jersey, the waves were on the small side but that didn't prevent a huge crew of participants to comb the beaches and cleanse it of its wandering refuse. Over in California, we can only say that we were graced with one of the best June swell/weather combos in recent memory. Blazing hot conditions and sold south/southwest swell allowed for a day to remember no matter the occasion. The day kicked off dark and early at {{{Malibu}}}, where news stations and surfers collided to capture the first rays and waves of the day. Actress/surfer Darryl Hannah, actor David Chokachi and flip inventor Tim Curran came down to lend their support while First Point reeled off at a solid head high. Further along the coast, beach cleanups from the Bay to the Border went down in stellar "Indian Summer" conditions. More than a few were claiming "best ever in June" for their respective spots, and they weren't exaggerating.

The swells didn't stop there. Puerto. El Salvador. Hawaii. Everyone we talked to, we got word that things were happening. Swells, beach cleanups and the spirit of ISD alive and well.

As always, we leave it up to you to make International Surfing Day special. And yes, we know every day should be designated to the pastime we love most. But when you designate one particular day to give thanks and do your part — and know the rest of the world is doing the same thing — you can't help but feel special.

Here's to all who helped ISD 08 become a day to remember.

We know we will.

[Stay tuned to, and the oct08 issue of surfing for more thorough coverage on ISD_08.]