Without Larry “Flame” Moore surf magazines wouldn't be at their highest level. The people he inspired and influenced have brought the surfing world to new heights. In honor of Flame's memory, the Follow The Light Foundation and SURFING sponsor a photo contest that gives $5,000 to a photographer with the most impressive series of photographs. Past winners include: Chris Burkard, Matt Clark, Morgan Maassen, Duncan Macfarlane, Ray Collins, and Todd Glaser. All of which have gone on to do phenomenal things and bring new skills and art forms to life. From now until the night of the awards (July 31st) we're going to showcase one image a day to give the world a snippet into this year's competition.

And there is still time to enter. You can find information at: http://followthelightfoundation.org/the-grant/. We hope to see you all at the awards presentation July 31st at the Shorebreak Hotel in HB. Let the best photographer win.

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