International Surfing Day: The Aftermath

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"Every day's International Surfing Day." Well, of course it is. But it isn't every day when you and your fellow surfers assemble at your favorite beach, make it spotless and go out and share a few waves together.

As the third annual International Surfing Day proved – which went on yesterday, June 21 – there's not only plenty to celebrate, there's plenty of work to be done. The minute you start looking for trash to clean, you suddenly realize how much there is, and why picking up a few pieces a day at your local beach should the norm, not the exception.

The conditions around the world? Unfortunately, Mother Nature wanted to keep us cleaning in a lot of places, with reports of flatness on the West Coast, East Coast, Hawaii, West Oz and other obvious regions. But it's always bound to be firing somewhere, right? And it was. Pretty much. The East Coast of Australia had its fair share of pits both on the Goldie and in the Sydney area. Chile kept the crew alert during the Rip Curl WCT Search in Arica, with guys like three-time world champ Andy Irons threading through deadly slabs and scoring 9.7s just in the nick of time. "It thought is was all bad, and then it was all good."

It was all good. Flat or firing, thousands of surfers rallied around the globe and did their part. Surfrider-sponsored beach cleanups from San Diego to Santa Cruz to Jersey to the UK to South Africa to Indo to Sydney and back again. Concerts from underground rockers like Daredevil Jane to Japan's favorite frontmen. There were murals painted just for ISD. Crazy staged photos. Protests in the UK and Hawaii. Parties. Board demos. Barbecues and – above all else – the warm glow knowing similar things were happening all around the world on the same day.

We've assembled a few dozen key moments here to show you what went down in the rest of the world. Also, we've listed below a few achievements Surfrider compiled overnight. There are many more to come. Thanks to everyone for participating and be sure to mark your calendars for next year.

*{{{80}}}+ Surfrider event locations across the globe, including events in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, France, Belgium, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand — and grassroots DIY celebrations in Africa, Iceland and Israel.

*Estimated 10 million media impressions (based on this morning’s Bacon’s and Google reports), including a mention on The Colbert Report

*Estimated 12 miles of beach cleaned and 2,500 lbs of trash collected across the United States

*Obtained over 500 new or renewing Surfrider members, including over half a dozen at $621 or more, in appoximately 24 hours.

Special thanks to International Surfing Day sponsors, including Billabong, Sobe Life Water, Simple Shoes, Surftech, Islands Restaurants, PacSun, Wavewatch and, of course, the Surfrider Foundation for all their hard work in making ISD a global success. An additional big thanks to Denise Gocke at Edelman for getting the word out.

Be sure to check the print coverage of ISD in SURFING Magazine's Second Annual Green Issue, on newsstands in mid August.