Mitch Crews grabbed my dick. Balls too.

It was the most horrendously botched handshake attempt I've ever witnessed, let alone been a part of. It was also hilarious.

"How's that for an ice breaker?!" Mitch cackled. He looked almost as confused as I was in regards to what had just occurred. "Mate, I'm so sorry! I just went to shake your hand, and then I don't know what happened!" Turning to my girl he continued, "Wow that was so bad! I mean, don't get me wrong, it was great, but yeah I don't know – sorry!"

That's how the night began at Jack Freestone's movie premier. It was a hysterical precursor to what would be the best night of the 2016 Vans U.S. Open. And that's saying a lot.

On top of the dazzling spectacle that is Jack's signature movie, Low Profile, the vibes in the place were at an all time high. We hope that you were there to share the night with us, but if not, these images should get the point across. We drank, we laughed, and I'm pretty sure a few people cried.


PS. We're still looking for Low Profile director/editor Sean Benik. If anyone spots Goldilocks passed out on the beach somewhere, please return him to the Shorebreak. Thanks!