Jimmicane #nottoosuccessful for #teamgivinithell

Today was #nottoosuccessful for #teamgivinithell. We mobbed out from South Florida because it wasn’t chill enough for us (I just used “mob out” and “chill” in the same sentence. The two worst things you can put in a sentence). But seriously, it was like head high and looked like any random Nor’easter that place gets in the winter so we were over it. People will tell you it was going off! They are a confused bunch. Teahupoo today was “going off!”, not Reef Road.

So north we headed to try and find some sizable Irene surf. Unfortunately the one option you have when you pigeon hole yourself into central Florida, Sebastian Inlet, happened to be the only place on the coast with straight north wind and it didn’t turn all the way offshore until the afternoon when high tide came in to kil the form.

The coolest thing was seeing Gavin Beschen, CJ Kanuha, Kalani Robb, Barney, and the Maui Ola Foundation crew who happened to be in town. They were ripping the inlet. Total star power out there!

There were a few super wedges before dark and David Spier was ruling first peak as he normally does, but the best waves seem to always go unridden out there and today that was true again. Rhino ate shit on the best first peak wave I’ve seen in 8 years. That sucked for everyone involved because it definitely would’ve been a magazine
spread. I’m sure he is still mad at himself for that.

Here’s a few photos. Sorry they are so average. I was average today. Tomorrow will be better, I swear!