Joel’s Jewel

Leigh Sedley takes a break from laying down tracks as a DJ to lay down hacks at Haleiwa.

Seds and Matt Wilkinson huff up the beach.

One man's trash is another grom's treasure. Kai Otton signs off on some gilted garbage.

Alain Riou clubbed his way to the final on his backhand.

Neon yellow rails have become a Clifton James Hobgood signature this year. The same could be said of his smooth style funny rhyming catch phrases.

Tom Whitaker throws an Ali'i Beach money turn in the Round of 32.

Still making fans after all these decades. Vincent Sennen Garcia, from the Westside.

Team Reef writes their names on stuff: Bottle, Benny B, Mike Losness, the Drifter, Mick Fanning and Leigh Sedley.

In this shot, notice that Rob has let his hair down. Also, remember that Losness did the original art on the Reef Hawaiian Pro poster.

Alain Riou of Tahiti, banking on the inside.

Unsponsored but still slashing: Hank Gaskell ripped his way all the way through the event, and came up one spot short of the finals.

Aussie Dion Atkinson threw it up in the semis, but couldn't match goofyfooters Alain Riou and CJ Hobgood, who advanced.

Dion Atkinson floats the outside section, while Hank Gaskell (on the inside, with broken board) raises his hand to signal board caddy Torrey Meister to bring his replacement.

CJ Hobgood carved all over the toilet bowl section and nearly won the whole event with that strategy. CJ was runner up in the final.

Bottle throws a shaka under the lip in the final.

Alain Riou with a perfectly, dangerously placed backside hook at Haleiwa. This is how injuries and big scores are born.

Joel Centeio waxes up for a shred at his homebreak. Just another day.

Roy Powers and Cory Lopez held it down for Team O'Neill. Both surfers had heaps of fans on the beach, and threw heaps of fans in the water. Wordplay, it's no big deal.

Nice guys finish first. Joel Centeio shakas to the crowd.

Haleiwa can be quite inviting...

Or she can reject you and pour her drink on your head. You never know.

Hippie Hana Hank, happy to be here.

Aaaaaaaaaand the beach goes wild, as Joel Centeio gets a late shack to take the win.

Can you spot The Bats, Freddy P and JMJ, about to celebrate with their boy? $20,000 is a big party budget...

There's nothing like a local champion to get people all riled up. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, either.

A long time coming for the Haleiwa local. He couldn't even get to the beach before the mob hit him.

Joel won 7 out of 7 heats, coming all the way from the first round and dominating the Reef Hawaiian Pro.

Brett Simpson setting the fins free. Questionable decision on the infamous toilet bowl...

Joel Centeio with the manliest carve this side of Sunset.

A little bit heavier than it looks from the beach...

Longtime friends Joel C and Freddy P, basking in the glow as the crowd trickles home. These guys ARE home.

It wasn't long before things started to get blurry...

The hugs kept coming long after the sun had disappeared. Joel couldn't even find a moment to put real clothes back on. That's how many hugs.

A who's-who of Hawaiian pro surfing toasts one of their own, as the Vans Triple Crown prepares to move on to Sunset.

Sunny Garcia, down to 192 lbs from 251 at his heaviest. It's safe to say he's gunning for VTC title #7.