Karaoke Dreaming

Corey Lopez and Ian Walsh take the Bullet Train.

A trusty steed is crucial for any surf adventure

Japan isn't first on many peoples list of surf destinations, but Ian Walsh was added it to his priority list after this trip.

Local boy Kohei Chiba showing the travelling pros how it's done.

Just a man and the sea

Corey Lopez: big in Japan

Another empty one grinds away.

Tanner Gudauskas getting psyched for his giant, post-surf ice cream.

Big and green, just like Godzilla.

Cory Lopez karaoke's through a beast

Ian Walsh bottoms out.

Tanner Gudauskas plays tag with one of the locals.

Ian Walsh, far from home, but right at home

And you wonder where Tanner got some comfortable at Sunset. Japanese training.

The boys only had three days to surf, and after a first day shocker, Tanner reaps the rewards of last minute strike mission.

Ian Walsh logged enough tube time to keep him satisfied on the long flight back across the Pacific.

Walsh, again, the lone regular footer on the trip, relishing the rights.

Cory peeks and boos.

Lost in translation.

Just like Mom used to make.

Japanese hotel room.

This guy is way too cool for fixies and a mustache.

Central California, or Japan?

Tanner goes kamikaze on a bomb.

Cory Lopez steep and deep.

No takers.

Sometimes it's good to know when to abandon ship.

Nothing wakes you up in the morning like eight-foot, warm, Japanese walls. Just ask Ian Walsh.

Celebrate good times, and an epic score in Japan.