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After spending a week in the office listening to sometimes compelling commentary and watching replays of the inconsistent sets that came through at this year’s Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro, I decided to spend my Saturday actually hanging out at the event. With the excess of photos taken during these things, it gets old being a photographer running around taking the same exact same images as about a hundred other people. So I went with the decision of following around my friend and local superstar Brother Andino, for the day as opposed to focusing on the event as a whole.

After all, Kolohe had arguably been the most in form surfer of the comp to that point and had a legitimate shot at winning both the Prime and Pro Junior, similar but on a bigger scale to what he recently accomplished at Huntington. Things didn’t really go as planned though. Brother got knocked out in a wave-starved, raging-south-wind-fest quarter final against Jesse Mendes and did only enough for 3rd place in the Jr final. A decent, but disappointing result for a prodigy at his local break.

That’s when I switched focus to Tanner Gudauskas’ camp which backfired on me again as he narrowly lost to Miguel Pupo in the mens final.

I couldn’t help but laugh at my fortune as I scrolled through my pathetic storyboard of photos that completely neglect the talented field of Brazilians who dominated. It is what it is though. Not an epic event, but a bad event at Lowers beats a good one at most other places.