Kona Film Festival

Only 2 major glitches were noticed during the 5th Annual Kona Surf Film Festival last weekend, the first being skipping problems during the inspirational, "Heart of a {{{Soul}}} Surfer, the Bethany Hamilton Story", the second caused by the intermittent screams heard during the University of Hawaii football game (which they won to complete the season undefeated) that penetrated the theatre during the beautifully shot west coast film "One California Day". The skipping was quickly fixed with a t-shirt to disc wipe-down, and the screaming? Well, UH fans had to make a few quick "check the score" trips out to the theatre's lobby – both instances reminding moviegoers that the festival's grassroots vibe is what makes this annual event so much fun.

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Held at the historic Aloha Theatre in South Kona, the Kona Surf Film Festival has been steadily growing in popularity over the last 5 years, and this year was definitely the biggest and most exciting yet. Attended by the Big Island surf community and punctuated by Friday night's wild sell-out crowd, the festival played host to 12 films over 3 nights and raised money for the Betty Kanuha Foundation, a Kona group whose goal is to restore one of Kona's most important historical and cultural sites, Kamoa Point.

With beers flowing (they are allowed inside the theatre), the crowds were treated to the newest projects from Taylor Steele, Josh Williams, Sam George, Ariel Willeford, Rafael Mellin, ESPN's Steve Lawrence, local boy Kainoa Behasa, event organizer Chad Campbell, and others. During intermission, raffles were held for gear from Zoo York who kicked down some skateboards and clothes, Surfing Magazine, Etnies, Nixon, and Monster Energy. Hurley kicked in huge by supplying the festival t-shirts and Arbor Skateboards generously gave some beautiful wood skates and bamboo clothes. Nike 6.0, who not only helped fund the event but sent enough stuff to warrant more than one product toss each night, supplied monster figures that were used in a treasure hunt/grom riot in which the winner won shoes and a skate. Finally, Surftech kicked down a shiny 6'3" Dorian model and screened their new flick, "Shaping the Future". The weekend was filled with giveaways, stoked groms of all ages, surf flicks that ran the gamut from surf porn to inspirational, and finally ended successfully by raising approximately $1,500 for the Betty Kanuha Foundation.

Check out this year’s featured films!
The Lost Wave, Tomorrow/Today, Zampa, The Project, Pipeline Posse, Down the Barrel, Riding the Wave, Vaya Con Gringos, Quintal De Casa, Heart of a Soul Surfer, Trilogy, One California Day.

The organizers of the Kona Surf Festival would like to extend a huge mahalo to everyone involved: Nike 6.0, Hurley, Arbor Skateboards, Lauhala Mortgage, the Kona Brew Pub, Zoo York, Nixon, Etnies, Monster Energy, A'ama Surf and Sport, Pacific Vibrations, Chris Pearson, F.I.R.N., Tombomb, Surftech, all the volunteers, and the Aloha Theatre.

For more info visit: myspace.com/konasurffilmfest