The 2010 Kustom Airstrike Is On & Kicks Giveaway

Blake Jones airs one out to Free Gucci Mane

CJ Hobgood can win in anything from massive Pipe and Sunset to dribbly HB and Lowers. A threat anytime there's something up for grabs.

lay Marzo, a finalist from last year hoping to keep the title in Maui.

Cory Lopez showing us that you don't have to be in your teens to launch modern airs.

Craig Anderson has been on a strict diet of technical grabs and smooth style. An obvious contender.

Dane does this stuff without even meaning too. Keep an eye on the knee tweak, it's en vogue.

Dion Agius' alley-oops will be clutch for him if he plans on being a finalist.

Reigning champ Dusty Payne will be busy on the 'CT this year, chances are he'll slip in a few mammoth punts for good measure…and $50,000.

Aaron Cormican liening on the San Clemente pier.

If he stops surfing Pipe for like five minutes, Jamie O'Brien will be a serious contender.

Jay Davies almost walked away with the cash last year thanks to a lofty alley-oop. Straightening out in Indo.

Jordy's hair may start to weigh him down, but after seeing him manhandle waves in Modern Collective, we're pretty sure it won't be a problem.

Julian Wilson likes the colors of the '80s, but the tricks of today.

Mitch Coleborn's rodeo from last year came a close second. This year he'll be looking to cash in.

Owen Wright is one of those guys who wins everything he enters. And he's entered into the Kustom Airstrike.

Ry Craike was in the running for the title last year, a little higher here, fuller rotation there, and this years' title is his.

Taj Burrow won the Pipe Masters doing airs like this.

After older brother Pat pulled a rodeo flip in competition last year, you know younger brother Tanner is going to be looking to up the ante.

Matt Wilkinson, using an artsy backdrop to enhance his double grab.

Yadin Nicol just moved to the U.S. and will be needing some cash to pay off that visa. This is a good way to start.