LA’s 300 Sex Night

LA’s 300 Sex Night

What’s a party without stress, especially last minute shit that makes you feel everything’s falling apart? Justin’s call at 6pm to say the DVD projector at Cinespace wouldn’t play the Insight 300 Seconds disc, and the look on faces as computers also failed to do the job half hour before show time, wasn’t encouraging.

We’d invited hundreds to the Hollywood venue to watch the films, get drunk and have some fun with our growing family of Insight hooligans. Larry was ready to murder anyone who entered the control room and “jinxed” his efforts to save the night, while others simply had to laugh at the thought of a film festival party without any movies.

Pat Notaro, who’s “Walk on Water” placed runner up this year, was probably more nervous than anyone. Despite already doing his work and pocketing 5G’s, he was clearly freaking about his moment to shine not happening, and even offered to play his entry on its own, since he had a copy outside in the car.

The barroom crowd slowly crammed the back screening area, and while no-one (even Vanessa and Larry) seemed to mind the wall-sized photo of their faces being projected instead of films… the delay dragged on.

Justin addressed the crowd with a speech so quiet it kept people clueless – pure genius – and then miraculously the disc kicked into gear with Alex Knost’s “Love Is rough”.

“Let’s Fucking Cook” stole the show, and literally inspired tears it was so damn funny, but in fairness to this year’s winning film, “Hands Hyland”, LA cool cats never even saw it. As time ticked away, the brains controlling the evening’s schedule stopped the show one film short of the prize. It was brilliant.

Thankfully a steady flow of alcohol eased what could have been disappointing, and Justin promised they could all enjoy a climax in San Diego next party, Sept 9th.