Let’s Hear It For New York

SURFING’s Tom Carey was in NYC just two months ago for the New York Surf Film Festival, and after just a taste of the Apple, he wanted another bite. This time, with a swell exploding on the Northeastern sandbars, Tom grabbed Andrew Doheny and Alex Gray from California and met up with some East Coast bosses for a legit surf strike. Of course, they strayed into the city more than once…

I'll go left, you go right back to Volcom and get me one fo those flannels. A-frame in NY.

Nellie, Balaram Stack, Alex Gray and Andrew Doheny. Note the big orange Kirby gloves on the ground. That cold.

Alex and Asher Nolan split ways and get spit on.

Balaram Stack has been making noise lately. Before he was just that kid from New York, but now he's that kid that f--kin' rips and slays dragons...from New York.

Eggy, all male drive.

Alex Gray covered once in rubber, then covered again in a tube, and finally covered a third time on the SURFING website.

Some creepy, street-walking statue imposter. No, make that two. Droid gets into character.

Launching like this is f--king ballsy in this water, because you'll probably fall and get wet and it will feel like hell. But Andrews has never fallen. Ever.

So many weirdos on the subway. What do you think is in that huge bag? They always have huge bags. Andrew Doheny.

Droid in a wave almost as pretty as he is - and almost as cold.

Alek Parker parks a no-hander in the Empire State.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a f--kin' thing to see. So are the people of Brooklyn, particularly those in any neighborhood White Castle.

Alex Gray prepares for shackdom. He left one metropolis for another - but LA couldn;t compare on this day. Score one for the East Side.

Bal & Droid: just a coupla city rats up to no good.

Luckily ALex has a thick rubber hood, to protect his head from that flying piece of kelp there.

Advertising at the top of it's game.

Ollies and follies in the Big Apple: a good trip for Alex Gray.

Look closely, and you can see two unfortunate souls in the wrong place on that wave. Unless they're trying to do floaters.

On The Waterfront is where all the action is - and is also a film starring Brando, before he ballooned.

That's just a sick bottom turn, is all that is. Alex Gray. Holy cheese.

Would you paddle out? It's bigger and colder than it looks, but it looks really fun. Hmmm. You'd paddle out.

Smashing at sunset: Alex Gray throws one last halo before being swallowed nighttimer and getting all urban in the city.

These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you. Let's hear it for New York.