Little Giants: The 2006 Rip Curl GromSearch National Finals Score at Salt Creek

The WCT in miniature. That's the best way to describe Saturday's Rip Curl Grom Search National finals. Monstrous scaffolding. Post heat interviews. Roped off competitor's area. And perfect waves. You'd have thought Rip Curl had a 2-week waiting period to score Salt Creek this good. With a 6-foot combo swell and Salt Creek doing its thing, the top groms from all over the nation—Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and California—came to battle it out for the opportunity to compete at Bells Beach in the Rip Curl Grom Search International finals held during the WCT Bells event in April.

With a 'CT-like atmosphere, Luke Davis and Koa Smith fired up a Slater vs. Irons-esque duel, making the finals in both the 14 and under division, as well as the 12 and under. Koa attacked the lefts off the point all day like a 3 foot 6 inch Nathan Hedge, while Luke Davis drew backhand arcs with a Parko fluidity. A scary thought considering they're both barely out of elementary school. While Koa got the nod in this one, expect a long-lived duel between these two.

In the girls division it was Amy Nicholl who looked like she had already packed for her trip to Australia as she found the lefts off the point perfect for her forehand. Nicholl posted two 8's before the five-minute horn, making sure that if anyone wanted to go to Australia more than her, they would have to earn it. As the final wound down, she had to feel pretty good about her spring vacation down under.

In the 16 and under division, Tyler Newton used the punchy right into the rocky gravel pit off the point at Creek to boost 2 air reverses in the afternoon glare. Goofy foot, Oliver Kurtz opted for the lefts and was able to hook into a few that lined up almost to Huntington, forcing him to jog up the beach to get back in the area. In the end it was Newton who nabbed the title and boarding pass to Australia.

After the contest, in truly nostalgic little-league fashion, everyone loaded up the vans and headed to Stuft pizza for the post contest party and awards. All the neck tan lined, sun-weary groms crammed pizza into their face and skateboarded through the parking lot, celebrating a sick day of shredding.

Boy’s 16 & Under Final
1. Tyler Newton
2. Oliver Kurtz
3. Dane Zaun
4. Brett Barley
5. Tyler Stanaland
6. Alex Smith

Girls 16 & Under Final
1. Amy Nicholl
2. Demi Boelesterli
3. Heather Jordan
4. Ashley Hunter
5. Taylor Pitz
6. Ametza Nicholls

Boy’s 14 & Under Final
1. Nat Young
2. Keanu Asing
3. Balaram Stack
4. Koa Smith
5. Eli Viszolay
6. Luke Davis

Boy’s 12 & Under Final
1. Koa Smith
2. Luke Davis
3. Noah Wiegrich
4. Jared Thorne
5. Taylor Thorne
6. Johnny Elles