Lowers Was Good This Weekend

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In 1894, Labor day became an official federal holiday to pay tribute to the achievements of American workers. Very honorable, right? Fast-forward a little over a hundred years and the long weekend has morphed into the romanticized send-off to summer and an unofficial commemoration of falling asleep face down on the beach with a gut full of Bud Light and hot links – because America! But as the 2015 Hurley Pro quickly approaches its Wednesday start, the world’s best spared the arrogant overindulgence and dove into the holiday weekend with the sole intention of getting their hands on some precious Lowers warmup time – and that, they did.

With unusually warm water and a solid south swell gracing the Southern California coastline, you would’ve been hard pressed to stage a more perfect practice arena than what occurred at the cobblestone peak this Labor Day weekend. So as you stare down the barrel of a possibly very hungover four-day work week, have yourself a preview of what to expect at the always entertaining high-performance showdown – and maybe an Aleve or two. –Dayton Silva