March 2013 Issue Wallpaper

Looking for a digital copy of our March 2013 issue? Find it here. Read Taylor Paul’s Foreword and see the March Issue trailer here

Jack Freestone. Photo: Andrew ShieldDownload: Jack Freestone. Photo: Andrew Shield Lee Wilson. Photo: Nate LawrenceDownload: Lee Wilson. Photo: Nate Lawrence Jordy Smith. Photo: Ryan MillerDownload: Jordy Smith. Photo: Ryan Miller Yadin Nicol. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Yadin Nicol. Photo: Tom Carey Dusty Payne. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Dusty Payne. Photo: Tom Carey Kevin Bourez. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Kevin Bourez. Photo: Tom Carey Gabriel Medina. Photo: Corey WilsonDownload: Gabriel Medina. Photo: Corey Wilson Matt Meola. Photo: Quincy DeinDownload: Matt Meola. Photo: Quincy Dein