Cabo; The Road Less Traveled

To some of us, Cabo brings thoughts and memories of cervezas, chicas, and mariachi music. To others, it's a hub for endless possibilities of uncrowded lineups. In particular, the Matix team, whose idea for their latest surf trip and photo shoot was to take the road less traveled and surf those waves left in the dust by other surf travelers. Gabe Kling, an Easter Coaster used to wide open beaches and {{{4×4}}} beach parking, helped scout rocky point breaks on the East Cape to find a suitable canvas for the new Matix product catalog. Micah Byrne of Huntington Beach felt inclined to scout too, happy to leave the endless crowds and concrete of the OC to the open wilderness of the Cabo Cape.

Matix Brand Manager, Brandy Faber, told SURFING Magazine that it was the perfect surf trip to shoot for the new Matix product catalog. After looking into famous surf spots in places such as Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Nicaragua and Panama, it seemed the swell was setting up just right for the Cape to get the best of both worlds. Warm East Cape bowls and long Pacific lines were in a mix for their surf trip. The trip consisted of morning sessions on the West Cape with power turns and wetsuits. Afternoons on the East Cape brought on the airs on the inside bowls. And evenings enjoying some of the local ice cold cervezas at sunset, which always taste better with a Mexican sunset.

Guess the lesson to be learned may be that the road less traveled makes all the difference.

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