Maverick’s: Opening Day

Jeff Clark's Facebook status at 4am Saturday morning: Got up to get some water, checked the buoys, mistake, 22 feet at 20seconds, how am I supposed to sleep now? I think I need to go to my shop and get a bigger board…With that, we welcome a new season at Maverick's. At first light a handful of tow-teams disregarded the PWC ban in the {{{Monterey}}} Bay Marine Sanctuary and whipped into some 15-20 footers. Not long after a flotilla of paddlers got in the mix, by 9am there were no fewer than forty guys and dolls scratching over each other to get one of the inconsistent set waves. Northwest winds made the wave faces pimply, but not enough to deter the hungry pack. It was a typical day at Mav's — glory rides and smiles, broken boards and bruised egos. Who was out? The people you know: Jeff Clark, Pete Mel, Skindog, Nathan Fletcher, Evan Slater, Derek Dunfee, Carlos Burle, and Ian Walsh. The people you should know: Tyler {{{Fox}}}, Alex Martins, Joao de Macedo, Ryan Augenstein, Shawn Dollar, Travis Payne, and Colin Dwyer.Ride of the Day? Tyler Fox, in a yellow suit, mowed through a mountain of whitewater, completely disappearing before emerging triumphant from the banana split. Oh, and he was riding an 8'6''.Wipeout? A midday twenty-foot set that caught the pack off guard, breaking five boards in half…and one guy's in thirds. Maya Gabeira was among the mowed — she hadn't even got a wave yet. Feel good story of the day? Mike Gerhardt watching his kids on the beach so his wife Sarah could get a couple of bombs. When she came in he went out for some of his own. Do you know any couples that gnarly? Didn't think so. With the swell hanging around through the weekend, we're off to a good start this El Nio winter. Now stop reading and go get some bombs.

Nathan Fletcher scrambles to pack at Honolulu International for an overnight Mavericks mission.

Standing tall on the peak.

Nathan Fletcher loves the lefts at Mavs

Nathan Fletcher

Not what you want to see paddling over a wave at Mavericks.

Opening day bowl.

Imagine scratching towards this.

Nathan Fletcher gets into one after a long recovery from a broken leg. Nathan was right back into it for opening day at Mavericks.

Johnny Maher

Now a Mavs staple: Derek Dunfee.

Carlos Burle.

Carlos Burle Again going right, while an unidentified charger gets wrapped up by the left…

And doesn't make it. Carlos Burle, however, stomps it on the right.

Not the safest Saturday morning activity. Mavericks danger zone.

Ian Walsh dives in.

Ian Walsh looking comfortable in the cold water.

Mavericks stone wall.

Unidentified and Carlos charge sharing the wealth.

The bowl shows itself with no takers.

Despite a little NW wind, a solid start to the season.

John John wants in.

Ian Walsh in the Half Moon Bay Harbor.

Fox's newest addition: Ian Walsh

A little too late. Unidentified plunge.