2006 NSSA Recap: Meet Your NSSA Open Finalists

NSSA NATIONALS FINALS: Tears, Triumph and Triangles
The final day at Nationals is not all toilet tricks, it’s downright nerve racking. All the buildup from the whole year boils down to this: 6 kids, sitting out the back at the world’s wettest skate park with just under 30-minutes to change the surfing world.

NSSA Nationals: The Day Things Got Serious Day Four
This thing is getting serious. Up to today, Lowers has been smiles, a few carefree heats, some shaved ice and bro-shakes. But today something changed.

NSSA National Championships: Renewed Expectations on Day Three at Lowers
Roll up to Lowers at 5 in the morning and you're already too late. Carissa Moore and Dane Zaun are on it, laughing and splitting peaks still hours to go before the sun rises above the San Mateo Mountains and the first heat bell whines.

NSSA Nationals: What's Really Going On at Lowers
Explorer Menehune, Boys, Juniors and Mens…no stoppin’ till we have finals.

NSSA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: Heavy Weather on Day One at Lowers
The portable generators are purring, the extra porta-potties are up and waiting, the camera men are poised, and the crowds are-well, it’s Lowers, they’re always there, but this time they’re all on the beach.

The NSSA National Championships: Interscholastics
Tears, bench clearing brawls, a tie settled with a walk off, whoops, I mean surf-off, and tons of very sophisticated shredding. And to think this is just the scholastic appetizer for next weeks’ individual National Championships.