Merry Quikmas Kelly

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Imagine this: Your office email pops up today and says: !Mandatory meeting: 3 P.{{{M}}}.-- Champagne toast for the 9X World Champ Kelly Slater. "Wow," you think. "That doesn't suck." And obviously neither does working at Quiksilver, because that's exactly what happened Tuesday at the Quik compound in Huntington Beach. In classic, surprise party fashion, Kelly was doused in confetti, poppers and champagne by the entire company he's been riding for since he was but a wee east coast gremlin toting his resume and c-grade surf photos around at surf expo asking for a sponsor.

"I'm so surprised," said the now 9x World Champ in front of the entire company he's been the figurehead of for so many years. "I'm sweating like crazy right now. I thought I was coming to say hi to a few people and ended up polluting the office with confetti here, standing in front of all you people."

After a quick toast and the delivery of a custom Rolex watch that features only 9s on the face and an engraving on the back congratulating him, Kelly watched a short presentation on the video screen of his year amid showers of hoots and hollers among the employees. "It's crazy to watch that recap of the year," Kelly said after. "All those waves, contests and memories I didn't plan on having this year. I guess the moral is to follow the things that feel right and to me it all just felt right this year. Thanks everyone and I really hope you can enjoy the afternoon off work now."