Photos: Moody Jaws

All Photos: Brent Bielmann
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They say that beauty lies in imperfections, but they were definitely not talking about Jaws. The beast of Peahi broke last weekend and it was anything but perfect. Anything but beautiful. Cloudy skies, intermittent rain squalls and a wind that just couldn’t make up its mind created interesting conditions out at the bowl. She was in some mood. Brent Bielmann was there to capture the moments and after a quick text exchange with Jaws-addict Albee Layer, we gathered:

-The crowd — like a good mailman — was undeterred by any wind, rain, hail, sleet or snow. They “manhandled all day no worries.”
-A boat flipped over. That happened.
-Dege O’Connell “went on one of the biggest gnarliest waves I’ve probably seen this year and there was too much chop to hold a line. And the lip landed on him. Board nailed him and he thought his leg was gone cause it went completely numb then air bag [on the safety vest] popped on the second wave and he got washed all the way in. the safety skis were all helping the boat that flipped over but thankfully a guy from here named Juan eventually grabbed him. The funny part is everyone but dege was losing their minds. He was telling everyone to calm down haha.”
-Surgery was required on Dege’s knee.
-“but he’ll be back out there for sure.”

Full sequence of Dege’s dig:

Dege O'Connell XXL wipeout