All photos by Steve Sherman.

I left my shirt at the bar last night. I wasn’t shirtless, I swapped it mid-party for a Factory shirt – because that’s what we were there to celebrate and I wouldn’t be caught dead looking un-festive. The sense of camaraderie from this three week stay in Western Australia with Yadin Nicol, Balaram Stack, Noah Wegrich, Josh Moniz, Noa Deane, Parker Coffin and Ian Crane was vibrant. The positivity buzzed through the crowd as the full-length movie filled with laughs, hijinx and of course amazing surfing flooded screens across The Bungalow in Huntington Beach. But don’t take our word for how much fun it was, just check out the photos above.

Like I said, we’re moving a bit slow this morning, but it was damn well worth it. Time for some r & r in preparation for another big one tonight for Jack Freestone’s “Low Proile” premiering at 7:30 at The bungalow as well. See you there!