Muse: Corey Wilson

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I met Gabriel Medina about three years ago. The Rip Curl team manager brought him over to my house in Newport Beach, CA and said, “Hey Corey, I want you to meet Gabriel. He wants to go out with you and find some girls tonight.” We’ve been friends ever since. A lot of people hate the way that he acts in the water and assume he’s the same way on land, but he’s actually one of the nicest, most down to earth people I’ve ever met. As far as surfing goes, I think he’s the most exciting and well rounded surfer in the world. You literally never know what he’s going to do on a wave. It could be a two-foot onshore day — the kind of day when most people wouldn’t even bother with surfing — and Gabriel will go out there and land a massive backflip. What’s not to love? —Corey Wilson

Muse is a column on exploring the gravitational pull of a surf photographer to their favorite subjects.