Girl In A Shirt: Natalia Smith

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Model: Natalia Smith // Photos: Brent Bielmann // Hair and makeup: Alex Shea
Shirt: Billabong “Brosaic” $54.95

"Don’t get me wrong, my girlfriend is amazing. We have a great thing going. I just miss…"
"The pursuit?"
"Yeah, I guess. It's just — why is it that when you're single, every girl is either taken or wants nothing to do with you, then the moment you get a girlfriend it seems like you're the last fertile guy on earth? Is it just 'the grass is greener' theory?"
"I don't know. Maybe mind-surfing is a better analogy. Like, when you check the waves and mind-surf every peak up and down the beach."
"Right, like suddenly you can be everywhere at once, in the perfect spot every time."
"Not only that, but you never fall. In your head you surf every wave like John John."
"True. I always rip when I mind- surf."
"Exactly. But when you paddle out and actually try to catch all those waves and surf them well, it's a different story."
"So you're saying that there aren't actually as many opportunities with the ladies as I imagine, it just seems that way because I think I can get every one I see."
"Right. You never give her the opportunity to tell you she has a boyfriend or thinks you're ugly."
"Am I ugly?" "A little bit."