Two-Thousand and..Wait?

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For all those who went overboard Dec. 31, they didn't miss much on the New Year's Day dawn patrol in most parts of the world. Southern California was howling offshore and waist high. The East Coast shared a similar plight. SURFING Photographer Dustin Humphrey and Rob Machado drove all around Bali and got skunked. And Hawaii was more of the shocking same for this season – small, north, lumpy and unspectacular. Believe it or not, the surfers who had the most reason to celebrate (and get up early) was the East Coast of Australia, which saw an off-season low-pressure churn out A-grade surf from Noosa to the South Coast – and it looks even better for the weekend. Here's a dispatch from SURFING Global Editor Nick Carroll:

"Sydney and associated coasts getting a solid 6’+ easterly groundswell, cousin of the one that’s hitting the Goldie etc. Glassy early, light seabreezes in the afternoon. Massive swell — maybe too big — predicted for the coming weekend when the Billabong World Juniors are set for Narrabeen. Right now, jrs and core surfers up and down the coast are wallowing in unseasonal power."

What does this mean for 2008? After dominating the 2007 world title races and the {{{Vans}}} Triple Crown, we may have to claim it right now: The Year of the Aussie shows no signs of slowing down.