New York Was Phenomenal Yesterday – Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of

Concrete Jungle where dreams are made of

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For most people, and for a very long time, the idea of surfing in New York has felt like a novelty. Sure, they get waves and sure, magazines like this have been running photos of those waves for decades — but it all seems so rare and so cold and even after the 2011 Quik Pro New York, most surfers are still only capable of associating the place with concrete and culture, not barrels.

But barrel it does. And barrel it did, yesterday. New Jersey photographer and guy who I once saw build a wizard staff, Seth Stafford, was there to document it. Take a look at his bounty of photos above. And if you keep a wise eye on the swell charts and have the ability to leave wherever you live at the drop of a credit card, consider deplaning for your next surf trip at JFK International.