Nixon’s Art Mosh

Encinitas was treated to a night of culture this past Saturday as Nixon threw their first of a series of art shows better known as Art Mosh. The Art Mosh came about as an opportunity to bring talented local artists, as well as artists in our industry together for a one night bash. The night saw everything from photography to customized mini bikes (courtesy of UNIV), a total of 15 artists rounded off the group. Encinitas came out in a big way with well over {{{200}}} people showing up for the event. The event went late into the night with cold beer, red wine; live music, appetizers and great art work to fuel the fire. Keep your eyes out for the next Art Mosh as the event is one that is surely not to be missed.

Dustin Ortiz
Devin Ryan
Peter McBride
Aaron Bravo aka "Chivo"
Mark Oblow
Randy Noborokikawa
Tyler Nelson

Grant Brittian
Jon Foster
Steve Sherman
Dave {{{Swift}}}
Dustin Hump
Jon Rose

Keith Malloy

Big thanks to Michel Murciano and everyone else at NIXON for the good time.