2008 North Shore Lightbox Week 2

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I'd be lying if I said I haven't had to sleep next to Gecko shit and dead cockroaches. I'd also be lying if I said the Quiksilver house is not the cleanest "team" house I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. So, then I'd really be lying if I said I haven't seen it all out here on our humble little Couch Tour. Which is quite appropriate, really, as the North Shore is a stretch of coastline with many moods. Dark as night thunder clouds race across the sky over Foodland and dump buckets while a couple of miles away, Haleiwa is shrouded in sunlight and rainbows and shave ice and other happy shit. Pipeline goes to bed a wind-chewed twerp and wakes up a chest-thumping prince. It's the way it is out here and it's why we love it so friggin' much. So here's our Week Two photographic ode — courtesy of Daniel Russo — to our mission of attempting to drool on every couch cushion on the seven-mile-miracle and document it all. Wish you were here.