North Shore Updates

Bruce Irons, doing what he does best.

Although he didnt repeat as Pipe Master, its still pretty easy to assume hes one of, if not the best tube rider in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an urgent news bulletin Cannon Ball!

Sometimes it can be claustrophobic spending all your time in the barrel. CJ Hobgood, finding some open space.

Evan Geiselmans brother taught him how to avoid sharks; stay out of the water.

Danny Fuller taking a little time off from charging huge outer reeds to play around the Backdoor.

Just another day for Kahea Hart.

Nothing goes unseen,, or undocumented on the north shore.

Pipeline beckoning.

Please bring your seat back to full upright position. Young Gun Julian Wilson preparing to land.

Aamion Goodwin, Joel Centeio, Stephen Koehne, and Jesse Merle Jones.

Danny Fuller, Blue Steel.

Freshly qualified for the 2010 CT, Nate Yeomans shows some San Clemente style.