NORTH SHORE LIVE: Week in Review 12.07.06

For the first time this year, the surf thundered at night. You could feel it, rumbling on those outer reefs exploding onto the sand-covered inside reefs then pushing brown foam way past the high-tide line. Hard to believe, but Hawaii experienced its first real swell of the season on the afternoon of Dec. 6 and through the day on Pearl Harbor Day. Sure, it was messy, torn up by 20-knot trades and a bit too much north. But it was a welcome sight to those who know and love the North Shore best. "It's just good to see the ocean really come alive again," said Pipe charger Rico Jimenez.

And it was alive. Alive enough for Shane Dorian and Molokai paddle-race winner Keoni Watson to venture out to an anonymous outer reef, take a few 15-footers on the head, compare baby stories, and bag a few bombs in the process. Alive enough for Kauai kid Sea Bass, Dane Ward and Jensen Hassett to paddle over to out-of-control Rockpile and pull into limb-snapping closeouts. And alive enough for Makua Rothman, Derek Ho, Strider Wasilewski, Alex Gray, the entire Women's WCT and every Maui surfer you've heard of to raid solid, 8-foot Honolua Bay all day long. Any other year, this would have been a "hit the movie theaters" swell. This year, it was make the most of it while it lasted – even if the trades were clocking in at a brisk, 25-knots.

With more on the way, the antics of this past week will soon be a blur. Like the anonymous WCT women making out at the Post Roxy Pro party. No, we're not telling. Or the all-time V-Land Kelly Slater surfed on Tuesday. "I forgot how good that wave was," he said. And then proceeded to tell us how he watched a guy take off in front of a female bodyboarder, look back at her, then lay into a grab-rail cutback straight into her. "If it weren't for the bodyboard shield," he said, "he would have killed her." Or the Maxim Magazine party at Pipelines in Town, attracting tube tourers Sean Moody guys, Fred Patacchia guys, Roy Powers guys, Joel Centeio guys and a bunch of Aussies. "It was just the hired models and a bunch of guys," said the guys.

Things that are still crystal clear: the pre-screening for the animated feature Surf's Up, featuring Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and Sal Masekela. It's the Finding Nemo for the surf world, and judging from the snippets we saw, we could be in for Hollywood's most spot-on, intelligent take on surfing yet. Even if it is about a bunch of digitized penguins. Monica Parkinson's birthday bash, Joel Parkinson's O'Neill World Cup victory bash, Bruce Irons and Kai Garcia's {{{Vans}}} Triple Crown {{{Golf}}} Tournament victory, the Cholo's Bowl pool jam with Danny Way, Chris Miller, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi and just about every other legendary skater you can imagine…it all went down this week.

And to think it's been an "uneventful" year.

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