From ink to pixels, the Brazil issue imagery gets formatted specially for your desktop

So daze off between emails and spreadsheets to south of the equator
Evan Geiselman. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Evan Geiselman. Photo: Tom Carey
Gabriel Medina. Photo: JimmicaneDownload: Gabriel Medina. Photo: Jimmicane
Jesse Mendes. Photo: Corey WilsonDownload: Jesse Mendes. Photo: Corey Wilson
Kai Barger. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Kai Barger. Photo: Tom Carey
Mitch Coleborn. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Mitch Coleborn. Photo: Tom Carey
Thiago Camarao. Photo: Corey WilsonDownload: Thiago Camarao. Photo: Corey Wilson
Dave Wassel. Photo: Stu GibsonDownload: Dave Wassel. Photo: Stu Gibson