October 2012 Issue Wallpaper

From ink to pixels, the Brazil issue imagery gets formatted specially for your desktop

So daze off between emails and spreadsheets to south of the equator
Evan Geiselman. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Evan Geiselman. Photo: Tom Carey
Gabriel Medina. Photo: JimmicaneDownload: Gabriel Medina. Photo: Jimmicane
Jesse Mendes. Photo: Corey WilsonDownload: Jesse Mendes. Photo: Corey Wilson
Kai Barger. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Kai Barger. Photo: Tom Carey
Mitch Coleborn. Photo: Tom CareyDownload: Mitch Coleborn. Photo: Tom Carey
Thiago Camarao. Photo: Corey WilsonDownload: Thiago Camarao. Photo: Corey Wilson
Dave Wassel. Photo: Stu GibsonDownload: Dave Wassel. Photo: Stu Gibson