Photos: On The Road, Part 2

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All Photos: Peter Taras

"This is one of my favorite sessions ever in California," Dane Gudauskas said to me as we bobbed between sets. The waves were overhead and punchy. The sun was shining like it shouldn't in January. And the water, as Dane put it, was "the perfect temperature -- crispy, like a good apple."

And he bit into that apple, as did his brothers, Dylan Graves and late addition to the road trip, Nate Tyler. (It was a big apple. Plenty to go around.) The boys split peaks and were spit out of tubes. Airs were launched and landed. Wildlife surrounded us: grey whales, elephant seals, hawks and eventually, as the morning warmed to afternoon, naked sunbathers on the beach. Mostly men.

So many other sessions went down during this bountiful week of waves. From Baja to the Golden Gate, big barrels to playful rip bowls, the crew logged an average of six hours a day in the water. And even though Ocean Beach was bigger and better a few days prior, this was the marquee session because when you embark on a road trip, this is what you envision: fun waves with just your friends, uninterrupted sun and water that is as clear as it is crispy.

They bit the apple, chewed, swallowed and left Northern California for their next adventure. Still in the YOLO. Mammoth Mountain by way of Yosemite. SURFING's road trip stops here, but theirs might never end. --Taylor Paul