On The Road With Corey Wilson: Slabs

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Above, you’ll see five photos from Corey Wilson’s favorite slabs. Below, you’ll read some words on why he loves ’em.

I love slabs. They’re definitely my favorite kind of wave to shoot. Slabs usually break in the same place every time, so it’s easier to figure out where you need to sit in order to get the photo you want. Plus, I feel like the level of interaction is a lot different at slabs — you usually talk to the guys you’re shooting in between waves and get all excited with them when you link up on one. It’s cool too, because I feel like you can watch them push each other into going deeper and getting crazier waves. At a beachbreak, everyone can be scattered and they’ll have their own little goals. At slabs, it feels like everyone is on the same page. They’re just the best.