On The Road With Corey Wilson: South Of Sydney

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Here’s a new column featuring the life and times of Corey Steven Wilson. Corey’s a Senior Photographer for SURFING, a friend of many, a night-long boyfriend to some, an asshole to none, and an inspiration to everyone — especially those who like to travel. In On The Road, Corey shares photos and stories from places that aren’t Irvine. And here, he tells us about his first trip to Owen Wright’s hometown.

COREY: There was a little bit of gap between the Bells contest and the Margaret River one, and a big swell was heading to Owen’s neck of the woods. He lives a few hours south of Sydney and I’d never been there before. It was such a sick place! It was in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and the town had such a tiny population. We tried going out one night and Owen’s younger brother, Mikey, ended up bringing us to an 18-year-olds birthday party. There were kids dancing, kids fighting, kids hooking up in bushes, horny parents creeping around — bush creatures everywhere. We felt out of place, but it was so funny.

And the waves were amazing, there are so many good slabs over there. Owen’s great because he’s so fun to be around but is also super motivated to work. He knows exactly what he wants to get done. He knows his talent, knows the waves, knows everything. One of the sessions at a slab was my favorite day shooting in my whole life. It was just Owen, Mikey and a couple other local guys and I ended up getting the best photo of my life…

…Editor’s note: You’ll see that photo in SURFING Magazine Issue 9, 2015. Trust us, it’ll be hard to miss. (cough cough, rhymes with shover)