One California Weekend

Alex Gray heads for the basement, with a lid on his head and a lid on the shoulder. Central California.

Spying on the weekend crowds as Blacks goes off.

Solid bars make for long tubes at Blacks Beach. Last weekend, it stayed glassy into the wee hours.

On Saturday, La Jolla surfers aimed for the corner pocket, and found it

At least one UCSD student failed a midterm on Monday because the waves were just too good to study. Blacks.

The gorgeous, deadly cliffs of Blacks Beach. They'll fall on ya.

As the lights in La Jolla started to turn on, so did the waves. Blacks again, caving.

Meanwhile, far up the coast, goldenboy Kolohe Andino got a bit kerrupted.

Droid Doheny, one third of 3, smacking lips up north.

Was that a great white shark breaching? No, just Dusty Payne's tail.

Dusty again, making sun flares in Santa Barbara.

Blue on blue. Gabe Garacia shoots high in Carlsbad.

San Diego does its best impression of a South Oz bombie. Ian Rotgans makes believe.

Irie sled, ma. Diggin' it.

All eyes on the ocean as the fog rolls into LA County.

Los Angeles: Where the sprawl meets the sand.

Smog is like LA County's eyeshadow.

California dreaming, on such an autumn day. '08

Mike Losness sprays Santa Cruz from San Diego.

Look for Matty Meyers on a truly crazy trip in an upcoming issue of SURFING. In the meantime, see him launching much closer to home.

The Newport fisheye courtesy of Mike McKnought and SURFING's Tom Carey.

Why alley-oop when you can ollie Newps?

Inviting - if your suit is thick. Northern California.

Jamie Parkhurst, still in a short-arm in November. San Diego's water dropped into the mid-fifties before rebounding to a reasonable temperature.

Skaters made it up, but we made it stylish: the frontside lipslide. Ricky Whitlock.

Wearing a helmet asks for these situations.

Seaside and beyond.

Big Island young gun Tonino Benson made the finals in the Santa Cruz pro junior with textbook ripping like this.

Of course, Tonino can also throw flare. Smeagol spins out.

In the midst of Modern Collective premieres statewide, Yadin Nicol practices for a sequel.