Photos: Kill Two Birds And Injure A Third

All Photos: Dave Nelson
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December IssueLast spring Nathan Fletcher and Noah Wegrich went north, because that's where creatures migrate in the springtime. It doesn't matter where they went, exactly, but it was far enough that there was snow nearby. Skate parks, too. And ancient forests, bald eagles, elk, drum circles and a few chilly wedges in front of their rented wood cabin. They would surf and skate daily, and even managed to squeeze in an afternoon of snowboarding on a nearby mountain. As Nathan put it, "We're killing two birds with one stone… and injuring a third."

The voice memos were Nathan's idea, a simple way to document the trip from the road, using his iPhone. And so, over seven days, I received more than a dozen voice notes from the crew. The real-time updates about their surroundings, the local culture and the people they'd met put me on the trip with them, and every dispatch was laced with the little inside jokes, new nicknames and laughter that turn a good trip into a great one.

What follows are excerpts from their correspondence. Inhale deeply — you can almost smell the cedar. —Taylor Paul