Photos: Albee Layer’s Injured Muse

All Photos And Captions: Albee Layer
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According to Albee Layer, the first step you must take in order to fracture your collarbone is to purchase a mountain bike. After that, it’s only inevitable. Albee, a perfectionist when it comes to timing, cracked his clavicle just as Hawaii starting having one of the best winters in recent memory. But instead of lying around like a bundle of worthlessness, Albee’s found a new way to keep busy — he’s grabbed hold of a camera and shot photos of his friends. Coincidentally, his friends happen to be as lavishly talented as he, and so it’s made for some cool images. You can browse through them above, then read an interview with Albee below. Oh, and did we mention he’s making a movie? —Brendan Buckley

SURFING Magazine: So you’re hurt?

Albee Layer: Yep, I broke my collar bone.

How does one go about doing that?

Just get into mountain biking. Do it for maybe a month or two and it's bound to happen [laughs]. I hurt it on the bike about 6 weeks ago and my doctor says I have three more weeks before I can surf. I think I’m gonna start longboarding pretty soon though.

And you've been taking photos in the mean time?

Yeah that’s been my new thing, embracing my inner hipster. Gotta have some kind of personality to make it in this sport [laughs]. Whenever I’ve been hurt in the past, I'd mess around and film my friends a little bit. I kind of get into it. This time, I've been taking some photos too. Luckily my friend Dan — whom I’m making a movie with — has a 5D that he’s letting me borrow.

A Movie?

We’re calling it Attractive Distractions and by no means is it an “Albee movie.” It's just a movie that, I don't know, I'm gonna help make. So when I take photos or film, I feel like I'm putting work into that. It’s better than just sitting around being worthless.

When are you going to release Attractive Distractions?

Well the best and worst thing about it is that we don't have anyone helping us out, and probably never will, so we're free to take however long we want. But our goal is to finish it by the end of the summer, by Labor Day. We're probably three or four trips away from being done. But we've only done one so far…

Are you going to make DVDs or put it online?

I absolutely don't want it to be considered a web clip. We’ll definitely be making some DVDs. I don't know if they'll sell though. I'm not expecting to make any money. Really, all I want to to is have fun with it.