Photos: The Great California Road Trip

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You could feel the excitement in Carlos Santana’s voice. I called him to ask if he wanted to go on a road trip up the California coast with the Rockstar surf team. "Really, with Matt Meola and Albee Layer!!!???" "Yeah, but you leave tomorrow morning. Can you make it?" I crossed my fingers, hoping that he could. “I'm there mannnnnnn.”

Carlos is one of the nicest happiest-go-lucky kids that submits photos to us. He works as a dishwasher at night, grinding long shifts and saving tip money to buy film and gas to get to the beach from his home in Fullerton. And while the swell forecast for the road trip was grim at best, Carlos made the most of it. He took the trip as a big chance to get in good with some “A” grade surfers. Here’s a peak into there little adventure. Now, if only we could have Carlos read his captions to you… —Peter Taras

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