There’s been a lot going on around the 2016 Oi Rio Pro.

A man was shot and killed in front of a small group of competitors. A wave of sewage cleared the lineup during a crowded free surf. The nation is in a state of political unrest. The air is buzzing with disease mosquitos. And the waves don’t look much like the Mentawais.

But on the other side of all that, if you elect to fight through it, there was still a contest to win. A big check to earn and an even bigger lead to leap into. That’s what Tyler Wright found in Brazil.

With powerfully consistent surfing, she fought and fought and floated to the podium. In waves that seemed like a pain the ass to surf, Tyler proved to be a pain in the ass to surf against and stuffed Sally Fitzgibbons in the Final.

We’re now four events into 2016 and Miss Wright’s won three of them. There’s no more boldness in saying that this might just be her year.

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