LightBox: Planet Reef Tour 2006 Southern New Jersey (Wildwood & Shipbottom)

Stop Three: Southern New Jersey (Wildwood & Shipbottom)

(Sing along...) On the road again. After a long night's drive through the Chesapeake Bay tunnel and Maryland, the 2006 Planet Reef Tour found it's way to Atlantic City and the third stop of the tour in Southern New Jersey. Although there wasn't much to report on the party scene, there was a good night's sleep, which will aid us in preparing for some Jersey-style fun.

Today's itinerary was two for one as it began at Wildwood Beach and finished at Shipbottom where thousands of beachgoers from all over the region seemed to invade in large numbers--the color of sea of umbrellas is amazing. In both areas, the kids were ready and waiting for the autographs and product tosses that again seemed to make everyone walk away stoked. Taking advantage of his paddleboard, Rob Machado was able to perplex the beachgoers with his stand-up style paddling and natural style of surfing. All in all, another successful day.

Tour notes: Since there wasn't any partying there isn't anything to report in the motorboat contest, however, Brad Gerlach received the "Where's Brad" award for consistently being MIA. In Wildwood, one ten-year-old kid asked to use Rob's shortboard and Rob said it was cool to which the kid replied in Jersey style, "If you need anything in return, I'm your man." Ben Bourgeois has been very gaseous.

Our next stop puts us in Ocean City, NJ.