LightBox: Planet Reef Tour Gets Loose in the Big Apple

Planet Reef Tour Gets Loose in the Big Apple

The tour drove into Times Square in New York City Thursday night and dropped a package off--a crew of pirates ready to make it an all-nighter. Did they make it? Not quite. Slowly as the evening progressed more and more soldiers fell off and after all was said and done, the motorboat count had stayed the same and somehow everyone was alive.

The next morning, the tents were set up and the Long Island locals came out in force to surf and meet the team and give us the old, "It was firing last night" deal--the surf was head-high and offshore. It was still fun and all types got to the beach for some lunch with the team. Otherwise, it's back on the road for the last stop--Rhode Island.

Tour notes: A new contest has arisen--the tour derelict. Just see the photos and judge for yourself.

Final Stop: Narragansett, Rhode Island

The 2006 Planet Reef Tour
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