LightBox: Planet Reef Tour Scores Surf in Northern New Jersey

Stop five of the 2006 Planet Reef tour literally stormed it's way through Northern New Jersey as the tropical storm that was heading our way actually landed on top of us. That didn't stop a thing as the bus made it's way to Spellbinders Surf Shop in Allenhurst where even the local police are huge fans.

Following that we took a tour of Jersey shops including Inlet Outlet in Manasquan, Eastern Lines, Brave New World, and Wave Jammer in Tom's River. As the day went on, and the tour went from shop to shop, the waves came up and the boys got a great session in at Seaside Heights where tons of locals came to surf with us, watch the session have some fun in the 3-4 ft, wedgy peaks.

Later that evening we packed back into the bus like a bunch of sardines and made way toward New York City. (By the way the bus is starting to brew up an interesting funk) We passed the time on our four-hour trek to NYC by washing down some cold ones with our brand new beer bong. "Do it up again! It tastes so good when it hits your lips!" Before we knew it we were the loudest bus driving down Time Square, he woulda thought.

Next stop: Long Beach, Long Island, NY.

Tour notes: The first thing overheard in the morning from a Reef girl: "I've seen way too many wieners on this tour!" She actually walked in on one of the boys relieving himself—really. Another thing overheard and stated to us many times was, "Whaddya think of the Jerrzey Joose?" They were overly excited about the surf.

The 2006 Planet Reef Tour
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