LightBox: Planet Reef Tour 2006 Virginia Beach

The second stop of the 2006 Planet Reef Tour sped north late Sunday evening and crash-landed in Virginia Beach, Virginia--the East Coast capital of fun times. Immediately after getting into town the crew hooked up with some of the locals and made a late evening/early morning push around the local scene (See notes below).

Despite smaller waves and groggy heads on the bus, the tour arrived as the summer crowds were in full effect. Surf fans from everywhere bared severely burnt feet from the hot sand to get an autograph from team riders Rob Machado, Evan Valiere, Ben Bourgeois, Brad Gerlach, Chris Abad, and most of all, the super hot Reef girls. Whether the kids were tackling each other in the product toss, carrying Vaseline covered watermelons through the lineup, or racing each other in the costume contest, everyone seemed to come away with some kind of product and a smile.

Afterward, the pros got in the water with some lucky raffle winners for some one on one surf instruction from some of the world's best and it seemed to pay off right away. A pounding little shorebreak didn't sway the youngsters from getting up their first time ever and riding to the beach--they did a great job. Overall, Virginia Beach was a success and was celebrated with local retailers at Big Sam's restaurant that evening. Next stop: Atlantic City, New Jersey where some of the boys hope to get lucky.

Tour notes: As stated in the first report, the motorboat contest is rumbling along and Chris Abad took some in initiative in town and revved his engines louder than Jeff Gordon at Daytona. It's a close contest. Chris also lost his license last night when after ripping the boxers out of a fellow tour mates pants (with them on), he promptly lost his own pants and ID as well--please return if found. Rob Machado finally got to use his stand up paddle board and everyone else who tried didn't quite look as natural--weird.

Our next stop lands us at 2 different beaches in New Jersey: Wildwood and Ship Bottom. We're thinking the beach part of our day might be normal, but when we shift gears back to our hotel, The Tropicana in Atlantic City - things should get creepy.

This year's Planet Reef Tour is brought to you buy Reef, Dragon, Surfing Magazine, Fuel TV and Surf Aid International.